Tea Leaf Contour Pillow

 Perfectly shaped to cradle your head and support your neck. 

  • Contour Shape Benefits The center saddle of the pillow is designed to cradle your head while the two mounds support your neck.Taller people use the higher mound (5”) under their neck while shorter people use the smaller mound (4”). Experiment to find the perfect solution for you. Contour shape gives a pressure-free, floating sensation and allows you to sleep in one position all night long.
  • Natural Ingredient EverGreen™, made from all-natural green tea, is embedded into the memory foam for long-lasting natural odor control.
  • The Cover:  Soft Hemp blend fabric that allows more air ventilation for cooler sleep. (Machine washable. Unzip to wash cover; do not wash the memory foam pillow itself.) 

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