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The Frame - Gold Brushed Steel Bed Frame


  • Keetsa's latest design. Featuring a minimalist, modern and durable bed frame for your mattress.

    We have combined the superior strength of steel that allows for stable support, along with a natural rustic look created with hand brushed coating.

    Metal surface coating has been tested for safety according to European Standard EN71-3:2013+A:2014, which is the standard for toy safety chemical requirements. 

    The frame is so durable that it can withstand 2,000 lbs weight.

  • Provides solid support for a mattress without the need for additional box spring or foundation.

    Frame rails are made with a gold brushed coated steel.

    2.5 inch wide wooden birch laminated support slats allow proper air flow.

    Stands 14" off the ground.

    Easy to assemble with no required tools.

    Compatible to most conventional headboards.
    Two of the legs on one end of the frame have openings where a headboard can be attached.
    ( Each opening size is 2" x 0.25", and approximately 2.25" apart from each other. The bottom opening is 5.75" from the ground. )


  • The Frame is delivered via Fedex Ground within 7- 10 business days.

    The Frame comes in a long heavy box. We recommend using a hand cart or having a second set of hands to move and assemble the frame.