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Anti Mite Duvet Protector

Amazing Protection for your duvet with Advanced Micro-Fiber Technology.
Protect the Sleep Environment.

The Keetsa Protective Case for your duvet creates a barrier between you and some of the unpleasant organisms that often become resident in the fiber/down filled beddings.

How This Works The advanced micro-fibers in our cases actually create a barrier between you, the dust mites and the allergens they cause. The Case completely envelops the entire duvet; a zipper allows you to put it on/take it off. Because the fabric is made of micro-fibers, it’s still ‘breathable’ and lighter in weight. This protector is NOT water proof, so if you require a protection from liquid spillage or moisture, we recommend using a different protector that is specifically designed to be water proof instead of, or in addition to Keetsa protector.