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Anti Mite Pillow Protector


  • Amazing Protection for your Pillows with Advanced Micro-Fiber Technology. Protect Sleep Environment.


  • Scientific studies have revealed that bed mattresses and pillows can harbor millions of dust mites. The dander from these parasites is the leading cause for air borne allergens only second to pollen. The Keetsa Protective Case for your pillow creates a barrier between you and the unpleasant organisms that often become resident in unprotected pillows over time.

    How This Works: The advanced micro-fibers in our cases actually create a barrier between you, dust mites and the allergens they cause. The Case completely envelops the entire pillow (all sides); a zipper allows you to put it on/take it off. Because the fabric is made of micro-fibers, it’s still ‘breathable’ so you don’t get the sweat-effect that often comes with old fashioned plastic cases. This protector is NOT water proof, so if you require a protection from liquid spillage or moisture, we recommend using a different protector that is specifically designed to be water proof instead of, or in addition to Keetsa pillow protector. Other Key Facts: We highly recommend the use of The Keetsa Protective Cases as soon as you buy a new pillow. They are machine washable in warm water.                                                                                                                                             

  • 2 protectors included.