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Frankenmuth Woolen Mill Wool Filled Comforter


  • A hand-tied, wool-filled comforter made in Frankenmuth, Michigan.
    We transform sheep’s wool into the cozy wool filling in each comforter and then hand-tie in the old-fashioned European tradition.
    Just like in 1894!

    Our Frankenmuth Woolen Mill American made wool filled comforters are covered in 100% cotton muslin ticking. Our 100% natural, wool sleep comforters are the perfect addition to your natural bedroom environment. There are many great benefits to having a wool comforter.


  • Wool acts as a natural insulator keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Perfect for year around comfort.

    Naturally hypo-allergenic

    Repels dust mites

    Wickes away the moisture from your body and does not leave an environment that dust mites thrive on

    Regulates body temperature for an even and restful sleep.

    Wool fibers naturally extinguish fire making it flame resistant.

    Eco-friendly, wool is washed in bio-degradeable soap and inserted between 100% cotton coverings

    People with skin sensitivity, like fibromyalgia, can enjoy the benefits of a wool comforter

    Unlike most comforters, wool comforters can be taken a part, washed, and made new again

    Sheep continue to thrive long after harvesting the fiber

    ** Our hand-tied muslin comforter is perfect for inside a duvet or comforter cover. It's hand-stitched in a long basting stitch, just enough to hold the wool in place. This comforter can be used without a cover.