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Keetsa Steel Bed Frame


  • The perfect foundation for your new Keetsa Mattress.

    Simple & Sturdy To Protect Your Investment In Sleep.



  • The Bed Frame raises your new mattress 14” off the floor and provides ample storage space underneath.

    Lay your mattress on this foundation, which provides a flat, rigid surface to protect your mattress and maintain your warranty.

    How This Works:

    Replaces your old mattress frame and box spring.

    Made of 100% Steel and with 12 points of contact it provides strong and stable support for any mattress.

    With 14" off the ground, it provides hidden storage area under the bed.

    Can be assembled instantly; No tools required.

    Can be easily folded back into the box for convenient moving or storage.

    Add a frame skirt, sold separately, to hide the storage area under the bed and to achieve effortlessly clean look.

    Steel Bed Frame provides an adequate support for the mattress and does not require an additional box spring.