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Soft Dual Comfort Pillow

Premium Memory Foam for conforming comfort on one side.
Soft Recycled-Fiber fill on the other for squeezability.

The Keetsa Soft Dual Comfort Pillow provides the conforming support of memory foam plus the soft loft of recycled-fiber fill.

A great combo pillow that is both supportive and soft.

Easy to form into any shape you like as you get comfortable for a deep sleep.


  • The Core: Insert with one side of memory foam and another side filled with recycled fiber.
  • Foam Insert:  BioFoam™, which is memory foam made with a blend of natural and synthetic materials. We replace a portion of the synthetic material with plant oil, to reduce the dependency on chemicals and to lower the emissions of VOCs.
  • The Cover:  Washable unbleached 100% Organic cotton fabric with tea leaf color piping. (Unzip to wash cover; do not wash the memory foam pillow itself.) 
  • Other Key Facts:  The memory foam layer in our Keetsa Soft Dual Comfort Pillow is made from high quality memory foam. It is supple and responsive to your body’s weight, shape and temperature. 
  • Standard Size (25” x 19” x 6”)
  • Queen Size (29” x 19” x 6”)